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The Little Peeps program, which provides eye exams and glasses to kids in need free of charge, held its first pilot project Spring 2023 in Helena, Montana. 14 kids, identified by school nurses through a vision screening as needing follow-up care received comprehensive eye exams by a qualified optometrist and glasses free of charge.

During the 2023-24 School-Year, the program will launch around the area. If your school district is in need of vision care for kids, ages 0-18, including vision screenings, eye exams, and glasses, please click the button to the right and complete the online form to begin the process.

Helena 6th-grader "Jenna" received an eye exam and glasses FREE OF CHARGE through the Little Peeps pilot project in May 2023

Does your community need Little Peeps?


Click above to see "Jenna" try on her glasses for the first time! 

Why Little Peeps?

1 in 4

School-aged Children

have a vision problem that, if left undetected and untreated, will affect their learning and personal development

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Early detection of vision problems can lead to more effective treatment overall. Common vision problems for children include:


  • vision loss,

  • amblyopia (lazy eye),

  • strabismus (misalignment of the eyes),

  • refractive errors (nearsightedness and farsightedness),

  • astigmatism,

  • and more


Early detection and corrective measures can help prevent these problems and more from creating long-term issues for children, giving them the opportunity to achieve better academically and keep pace with their peers.

Vision Changes

"Untreated childhood vision disorders can impair a child’s physical and cognitive development and acquisition of learning skills, with long-term effects on educational outcomes, hobbies, sports, and job opportunities."


- Prevent Blindness America

Meet Little Peeps

The COVID-19 pandemic led to temporary changes to qualifications for Medicaid, which currently covers 289,028 children throughout our footprint .


These qualifications will soon change and trigger disenrollment of many of those who currently rely on the program to support their health and wellness. This will include thousands of children who will no longer be provided with the resources to cover the cost of eye exams and eyeglasses.

Our Kids Need Help

A look at the numbers

Children cannot help whether or not their family has health insurance. An estimated 52,420 children are uninsured in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming.

Mountain Health Gives is pleased to announce its first health outreach initiative, Little Peeps.

Laying the foundation for success in life starts with basics, including eye exams. Identifying and treating eye problems will lead to higher rates of academic success, increased confidence, and help children keep up with their peers. This is why Mountain Health Gives has selected pediatric vision care to be its first initiative.

Little Peeps is here to help cover the cost of eye exams and glasses for kids in need in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming - helping them perform better academically and be better prepared for life.

How Little Peeps Works

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To leverage your investment and increase impact, Mountain Health Gives is working to partner with a national network to obtain clinical and eyeglass discounts where available. We are committed to being wise stewards of the funds entrusted to us, so we will use all available means to stretch our funding dollars.

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Launching School-Year 2023-24!

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